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Task 29 and a small update..

Task 29:  Use all of my existing lip balm and lip gloss before buying any more (I mean it this time!!)

The reason for this task:

Okay, so it's not so big a stash of lip-related make-up as some people have, but this is after having cleared out the dried up or very very old ones and I think it's plenty to be getting on with.  A bad habit of mine is to swap handbags and forget to move my gloss/balm over to the new bag, so if my lips are dry, I end up buying another one. 

This collection comprises (from the back to the front, left to right ish):

M&S Fruity lip balm trio, Urban Decay shot-o-gloss in pina colada, Estée Lauder high gloss in pearl, Calvin Klein lip glosses in pink whisper and icicle, Estée Lauder pure colour lipstick in Elizabeth pink, Hard Candy super clear lip gloss, Bourjois Effet 3d in beige elastic, sliders lip balm in raspberry, Rose & Co Apothecary rose lip balm, Vaseline rose lip balm, Origins cocoa therapy lip balm in chocolate latte and Lush whip stick.

You can see I like clear/pink/very pale browns and like nice tasting lip balm!  My favourites from those are the Estée Lauder high gloss for the glosses and the cheapy cheap slider in raspberry for the balm. 

Instead of keeping them in a drawer where they get forgotten while I acquire more, I'm now keeping them in the perspex tub on my desk to remind me where to pick a replacement from when my current one runs out. 

Other news:

Task 2 - do a watercolour painting course was on my last list, and was something I never got around to.  This time is going to be different and I'm booked on to this!  Only a short-ish course to start with but I have to start somewhere :)

Task 36 - almost half way through my collection of RA Salvatore's books.

Task 64  - we have booked a week in York coming up very soon.


Starting on a positive note, my first task of this list is complete!

Task 59 was to obtain my handset upgrade for as good as free when my mobile phone contract expired in Dec09/Jan10.  I wanted a phone that o2 had only just released, so it was a bit of an uphill struggle but the point of this task was for me to remember to be assertive and to use my negotiation skills outside of work. 

It took a couple of phone calls before everything was sorted but...

Shiny new Blackberry for me  :)  I had to pay a little bit towards the handset, but in return o2 knocked £10 per month off the line rental.  So in a couple of months that will have paid for itself.  The phone is also as great as I'd hoped it would be and despite a few initial problems, I'm very happy with it!

Lots of other goals in progress, mostly my reading goals but I have also booked a week in York for a short break (I definitely think I need this) which will go towards my task of visiting places in the UK I haven't been to (well, at least as an adult) and I'm 3 out of 4 through the London markets I wanted to visit.  I have a little string of pearls to show for our trip to Portobello Road market on Saturday  :)

I would like to have made more progress into completing my list, as I still have 17 open slots, but I'm hopeful that things will come up as the months go by. 


First update, though it's not been quite a month yet - I promised myself I'd try to keep more of a running commentary throughout the 101 things, take more pictures and evaluate my progress more openly this time. I did mean to do so last time, but never quite got around to it.

So far nothing complete, needless to say! However, I've done quite a lot of planning and thinking about how I'm going to do some of the tasks, particularly task1 my a-z reading task. I'm eyeing up Ian Banks' The Crow Road for the letter B as it would be nice if some of the books were in genres I don't usually read. Accepting suggestions for any of the other letters!

The 2009 part of task39 (add new decorations to our Christmas stash each year) is also completed as evidenced by the following photos - apologies for the bad colour, can't get decent light in winter!

Our 'theme' is red green and purple coloured things - which is a little gaudy, but if you can't have gaudy at Christmas, when can you? My favourites are the baubles on the back row either side of the box - two are robins and two are Christmas puddings :D

The first part of task61 (visiting London markets) was a bit diasappointing as the Hyde Park one turned out to be more of a funfair than a market. But we had fun wandering around.

I've also ben keeping up on my ongoing tasks, donating freerice (#75) and accumulating change jar change (#52) - which reminds me that I need to take a picture of my change jar to show roughly how full it was at the start of the list. (It was one of my tasks to fill it on my last list, but I didn't make it!)

Let's Go Round Again...

I finished my first list a couple of weeks ago, with 79 / 101 completed tasks.

I'd been thinking about things for my new list for the last couple of months, plus I carried over a few of the incomplete tasks from my last list.

Now that I've bought a house (which is a bit of a wreck) there's a section of goals which focus on house-diy-type things, that's a major difference to my last list, which was made while I was still renting. There are also no work related goals on here this time, because I decided that with the way things are going at work, I'd prefer to keep this separate so that I ensure I always enjoy it.

It's not quite complete yet as I want to go back through everyone else's lists for inspiration and goals I would not think of myself.

List number two is here with all the start/finish date information as well :)


List Number Two!
From date: Sunday, 8 November 2009
Added 1001 days
Resulting date: Sunday, 5 August 2012


1. Read 26 books of any genre, but whose author's surnames go in alphabetical order
a.  The Case of the Missing Boyfriend - Nick Alexander - 1 May 2011
b.   A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson - 7 June 2010
c.  The Golden Acorn - Catherine Cooper - 18 January 2011
d.  Confessions of a GP - Benjamin Daniels - 11 November 2010
f.    Life From Scratch - Melissa Forde - 28 February 2011
g.  Grimm's Fairy Stories - Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm - 11 October 2010
h.  Shaman's Crossing - Robin Hobb - 23 July 2010
k.  Blood, Sweat & a Cup of Tea - Brian Kellett (writes as 'Tom Reynolds') - 15 October 2010
l.  White Fang -  Jack London - 30 November 2010
m.  How Not to Get Fat - Ian Marber - 19 May 2010
r.   The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl - Shauna Ried - 29 May 2010
s.  The Sex Club (Detective Jackson Mysteries) - LJ Sellers - 15 January 2011
w.  War of the Flowers - Tad Williams - 16 June 2010

2. Take a watercolour painting course - finished 16 May 2010

3. Choose something I know nothing about and read 4 books on that subject:

4. Go to 5 live music events
a. The Snowman @ Peacock Theatre - 3 December 2009
b. Sister Act @ Palladium Theatre - 30 September 2010
c.  Cirque du Soleil - Royal Albert Hall - 2 February 2011

5. See 5 stand up comedians
a. Eddie Izzard - 5 December 2009

6. Make a playlist of my 101 favourite songs using iTunes and load it on to iPod

7. Watch 26 new films with titles from A-Z
a. Alice in Wonderland - 5 March 2010, 2 October 2010
b.  Ballet Shoes - 13 June 2010
c.  Clash of the Titans - 30 August 2010
e.  Emma - 5 September 2010, Evan Almighty - 23 December 2010
f.  Flash Gordon - 4 September 2010, Father of the Bride - 16 October 2010, Flushed Away - 29 December 2010
g. The Grinch - 28 December 2010
h. The Hangover - 20 December 2010, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 - 28 December 2010
i. Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaur - 1 December 2010
k.  Kung Fu Killer - 12 September 2010
m.  Master & Commander - 9 January 2010
n.  National Lampoon's Vacation - 19 December 2010
r.  Ratatouille - 3 April 2010, Robots - 29 December 2010
s. Stardust - 24 January 2010, Seraphim Falls - 28 February 2010
t.   300 - 27 December 2009, 10,000 BC - 28 December 2009
y.  Young Victoria - 15 March 2010
z.  Zoolander - 22 May 2010


8. No fast food/takeaway for one month

9. Lose 20 pounds (start weight 11st6lb - Goal weight 10 Stone) - Half way there, 10st 9lb - 16 May 2010, Almost there, 10st 4 - 10 October 2010

10. Complete the fitbug 6 week front-room workout

11. Complete couch to 5k - 5 September 2010 (I've been able to run 5k for a few weeks now but wanted to wait until I had an 'official time' before I flagged it complete - see below!)

12.  Participate in a 5k run -  5 September 2010 - Adidas Women's 5k Challenge - Hyde Park, 32mins 16sec!!!, Movember 5k - Battersea Park, 12 November 2010

13.  Participate in a 10k run - 30 May 2011 - Bupa London 10k, 1 hour 15 mins

14. Come off the computer at least an hour before bed for one month

15. Moisturise body after every bath/shower for 3 months (9/12)

16.  Use fitbug to track steps for one month and achieve 10,000+ steps per day for the whole month

17.  Complete the Food Doctor 30 day diet plan - 30 April 2010


18. Sort through clothes and throw out / donate to charity any that I haven't worn for more than 6 months

19. Sort through jewelery and throw out / donate to charity any that I do not wear anymore

■ Overhaul my remaining clothes:
20. Have 5 decent pairs of work trousers
21. Have 5 decent work jumpers
22. Have 5 well fitting pairs of jeans [4/5]
23. Have 5 work tops that are smart but not shirts!
24. Have 5 work skirts
25. Have 5 pairs of patterned tights
26. Have 5 evening 'outfits' (i.e. a complete set of clothes, whether a dress or separates)

27. Update my main LJ or weight loss or wedding journal at least once a month

28. Create personalised Christmas cards on Snapfish one year

29. Sort through all files on computer, deleting junk and sorting the rest into appropriate folders

30.  Make a career plan including all my skills & experience, jobs I could do and a timescale for reviewing my position

31.  Use all of my existing lip balm and lip gloss before buying any more (I mean it this time!!)


32. Complete Baldur's Gate from start to finish, no cheats.

33. Complete Baldur's Gate 2 from start to finish, no cheats.

■ KoL based goals:
34. Have 20 HC permed ascension skills
35. Have 80 familiars
36. Have 40 trophies
37. Collect 1000 calavera concertinas

38. (Re)Read Salvatore's Drizzt series in chronological order through to the most recent books:
a. Homeland - 11/11/09
b. Exile - 16/11/09
c. Sojourn 21/11/09
d. The Crystal Shard 29/11/09
e. Streams of Silver - 6/12/09
f. The Halfling's Gem - 17/1/10 
g. The Legacy - 24/1/10
h. Starless Night- 31/1/10
i.  Siege of Darkness - 7/2/10
j. Passage to Dawn - 20/2/10
k.  The Silent Blade - 25/2/10
l.  The Spine of the World - 28/2/10
m. Sea of Swords - 10/3/10
n.  The Thousand Orcs - 20/3/2010
o.  The Lone Drow - 29/3/10
p.  The Two Swords - 13/4/10
q.  The Orc King - 1/5/2010
r.  The Pirate King - 8/6/10

39. Re-read 'Anne of...' series of books:
a.  Anne of Green Gables - 20 June 2010
b.  Anne of Avonlea - 22 June 2010
c.  Anne of the Island - 23 June 2010
d.  Anne of Windy WIllows - 25 June 2010
e. Anne's House of Dreams - 30 June 2010
f.  Anne of Ingleside - 6 July 2010

40. Complete 5 'complete-able' DS games:
a.   Professor Layton & the Curious Village - 21 March 2010

41. Finish watching Stargate:
Series 5
Series 6
Series 7
Series 8
Series 9
Series 10

42.  Sort all Magic the Gathering cards into card protectors and folders


43. Take pictures with P in a photo booth

44. Play 10 board games with P
a.  Settlers of Catan - 2 January 2010 (with silver_fish and Carl too!) 
b.  Settlers of Catan - 13 March 2010 (with Ali and Jason)
c.  The New Dungeon Game - 28 March 2010
d.  Articulate - 14&15 May 2010 (with mum and dad too!)
e.  Munchkin Booty - 13 July 2010
f.   Articulate - 24 July 2010
g.  Cranium & Articulate - 27 December 2010 (with mum & dad & Gemma)
h.  Trivial Pursuit - 28 May 2011 (with Ali & Jason, Cress & Will)

45. Go for a picnic

46. Add new Christmas decorations to our stash each Christmas in the 1001 days:
2009 [evidence!]
2010 - Paperchase Tree Owls - Pics to follow

47.  Do three things Paul would like to do:
a.   Bought tickets for live recording of Monday Night Raw @ the O2 - 12/4/10
b.   Snagged free tickets to the Cricket at Lords - 3 June 2010


48. Make an interior design scrapbook for the house to include before/after photos

49. Finish 3 x 500+ piece jigsaws:

50. Bake/cook 15 receipes that I have never tried before:
a.  Beetroot Risotto - 27 March 2010
b.  Coconut Chicken Sitr Fry - 15 April 2010
c.   HB Lemon Cupcakes - 24 January 2011
d.   HB Peanuyt Butter Cookies - 24 January 2011
e.   Cheese Scones - 30 January 2011

51. Bake and decorate a batch of cupcakes - 24 January 2011

52. Participate in a NaNoWriMo

53. Finish knitting patchwork blanket

54. Select my best photos and upload to snapfish to have made into photobook

55. Buy and complete a tapestry cushion

56. Learn to Crochet

57.  Go to at least three Stitch 'n' Bitch meet-ups

58.  Select photos for digital photo-frame, put together on memory card and set up frame in study


59. Pay off student loan - April 2010

60. Get balance of ISA back up to £5,000
£1000 27/01/10
£2000 27/09/10

61. Get joint savings account and set up monthly payment in
- 29 May 2010

62. Fill change jar with change

63. When my mobile phone contract comes to an end (Dec09/Jan10) negotiate a free (or as good as) Blackberry Bold 9700  - completed 12 January 2010, took about 4 phone calls but eventually got a good deal, though I paid a little for the handset, they knocked £10 per month off the line rental which means the phone will have paid for itself in 4 months.  [evidence!]

64. Buy 10 lottery tickets during the 1001 days:
a.  11 April 2010 - One number matched  :(
b.  4 September 2010 (Euromillions - 0 numbers matched  :(
c.  1 October 2010 - Euromillions - 0 numbers matched :(
d.  2 October 2010 - 2 numbers matched
e.  9 October 2010 - Euromillions, no numbers matched
f.   24 December 2010 - Euromillions, no numbers matched  :(

65. Everytime I think of buying a takeaway or am in a situation where I would usually buy junk food, but don't - put £5 in a jar to serve as a demonstration of how much money I'm spending on food and a reward at the end for resisting temptation!


66. Eat out at 10 places I have never been to before:
a. The Windmill Tapas Restaurant, Walthamstow - 12 December 2009
b. Imperial China Restaurant, Chinatown London - 23 January 2010
c. Massala Zone, Covent Garden - 2 February 2010
d. Kapadokya, York - 1 March 2010
e. Chili, Indian Restaurant, York - 3 March 2010
g. Masons Bar & Bistro, York - 4 March 2010
f.  Chez Gerard, Chancery Lane, London - 24 March 2010
g. Papa Ninos - Looe, Cornwall - 15 July 2010
h. Pepe's Tex Mex - Looe, Cornwall - 16 July 2010
i.  Tas - Waterloo, London - 23 July 2010
j.  The Dervish - Stoke Newington - 25 July 2010

67. Visit 5 London attractions:
a. Tower of London - 23 January 2010
b.  Kew Gardens - 7 February 2010

68. Visit (another) 5 new places in the UK:

a. York - 1-5 March 2010
b. Eastbourne - 24 June 2010
c.  Cornwall - 10-17 July 2010
d.  Cromer 26-31 October 2010
e.  Eskdale, Lake District - 13-16 April 2011

69. Go for a long weekend in Paris
24-28 February 2011

70. Add 10 new beads to pandora bracelet:
a.  Grapes with Green Peridot - from Paul - 28 March 2010
b.  Silver dangly daisy with purple CZ central stone - 11 April 2010
c.  SIlver padlock with gold key - present from Paul - 1 May 2010
d.  Black glass with white flowers - 1 May 2010
e.  Silver curled snake - 31 May 2010
f.   Silver Hearts - engagement present from Claire & Alison at work - 27 July 2010
g.  Purple Glass w/ flowers - birthday present from Ali - 25 September 2010
h.  Silver with pink stones - Christmas present from Paul - 25 December 2010
i.   Red glass candy stripe - Christmas present from Gemma - 25 December 2010

71. Buy the gorgeous rainbow rug for the hallway

72. Visit all of the following London markets - Completed 3 April 2010
Hyde Park Christmas Market - 28/11/09
Spitalfields Market - 13/12/09
Borough Road Market - 3 April 2010
Portobello Road Market 6/2/10

73. Buy 5 new bottles of perfume: - completed 27 December 2010
a. Sui Dreams - 26 December 2009
b. Daisy in the Air - 29 March 2010
c.  Windscape - 18 June 2010
d.  Femme - Herve Leger - October 2010
e. L'Imperatrice - D&G - 27 December 2010

74.  Go on an open-top bus tour of London


75. Arrange for house to be damp-proofed (expensive!!) - 25 August 2010 (having supposed to be finished on 18 August 2010, but at least it's done now!)

76. Get house rewired as far as needed

77. Get garden sorted out

78. Get front bedroom recarpeted

79. Front of house repainted

80. New lampshades in all rooms

81. New sockets / switches in all rooms

82. Get light installed above front door

83. Get living room floor stripped/repaired/varnished,

84. New curtains in all rooms

85. Select, print and frame photos for each room in the house

86. Have shelves installed in study

87. Buy and plant up pots for back garden

88.  Get window seat made and installed in living room bay window.

89.  Have condensation problem looked at and find a solution. - Positive Pressure Unit (posh dehumidifier) installed during damp proofing work - 25 August 2010

90.  Replace fireplace in living room (potentially expensive!!)

Et Cetera:

91. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (26,500 / 1,000,000)

92. Collect 250 used stamps for mum's charity at work (38)

93. Try 10 new types of herbal tea
a.  Dr Stuart's Detox Tea


Nine more to be added... 








101. Make a new list when this one is complete


Final Update - List One...

Monday last was the final day of my 1001 days...

The final score is as follows:


79 / 101


22 / 101

There's a couple of unfinished tasks that I'm disappointed about - but they will be making their way on to my next list, which is almost complete and I hope to write up by the end of the weekend :)

So much has happened in the last 2 and a bit years that I'm quite interested by how different my second list will end up looking in terms of what is important to me now.

And now I have a target of 79 to beat next time around!

Final version of the completed list is here.

Good luck everyone :)

Two Weeks Left!

And how quickly have the 1001 days gone by....

I spent this morning going through my list carefully to begin to strike out the things I know I'm not going to get complete in the next 10 days and get a better idea of where I'm likely to end up by the end - here's the score so far:


71 / 101


12 / 101


18 / 101

All in all I'm quite pleased - there are one or two things I've had to move on to the failed list that I'm disappointed not to have completed, but I will look at them again when I'm drafting my next list (30+ items on there already, woo!)

Now to see how much I can get done by the 2 November :)

(List is here!)



Once of my tasks was to take more pictures and just use my camera more generally, not just for special occasions.  I have been doing this but haven't really found the time to post much - so I've looked through all my pics and here is a selection, one ot two to represent each month since March (which was the last time I posted pics in this journal):

April 09


This month we went to Ross-on-Wye after the Great Tent Disaster of Spring 09.  These are two of my favourite pics from that trip.  The first one is of some of the flowers at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.  There were so many bright pretty flowers all over the place and these pink ones were my faves (no surprises there!).  The second is of a little lake we came across on the day we went out for a walk - it was early in the day so there was no one there and other than the geese causing a few ripples (when they weren't looking evilly at Paul) the lake was still like glass.

May 2009

This month we visited silver_fish at her new place for the first time.  The new house is lovely - big rooms, great garden and this gorgeous stained glass window in the hall - I'm so jealous!

June 2009

This month I did the London Legal Walk which started here, at the Royal Courts of Justice - it's an amazing building and this picture doesn't show the half of it.  (I was going to say doesn't do it justice but stopped myself just in time - puntastic!). 

August 2009

(Skipped July as there are plenty of pics of the kitties on my main journal for that month).  This was taken at Cat's again - on top of her house being wonderful, it's opposite a park too and this pic was taken just outside the front of the house :)


11 weeks left...

I have 11 weeks left in my 1001 days.

So far, the scores stand at:


63 / 101

In Progress:

16 / 101


3 / 101

Which leaves about 18 unaccounted for. 

I've had a look at my list, particularly the things that are in progress and I'm confident that I can get a fair handful of them completed in the remaining time, but I also know there's going to be a few I simply don't have time to do.

For those who are interested, the main list is here. 

I have my second list in draft to start when this one finishes!


This is Paul taken while he was only half aware that I was messing with my camera.  I'm sat in the hallway on the floor ostensibly taking pics of my shopping but I sneaked this pic of him concentrating and I quite like how it turned out  :)